The 5th Kind (2017)

After a few days of streaming, I decided it was time to hit Family Video. Not knowing what would be there, I searched until I found something that caught my eye. That movie was the 2017indie flick The 5th Kind.

Plot/ Three best friends try to get 'internet famous' by filming their own survival show out in the woods. A weekend trip to accomplish this project turns deadly when a mysterious and foreign visitor ends up in their neck of the woods.

It has been a while since I sat down and watched a true piece of no-budget indie cinema, and I am glad that I did that tonight. While I am not going to sit here and say that The 5th Kind is a perfect film, but what was accomplished on the micro-budget was better than some of the bigger budgeted flicks I have watched over the years. Sure, the movie is dialog driven found footage without a tremendous amount of action or effects, but that worked within the confines of the short run time. The performances were uneven and the pace somewhat slowed, but those issues were expected. At least the idea was interesting and you could see what direction this one was moving in. Overall, it left me wanting more (of course, I am also a huge believer in the subject). In the end, are there better movies out there, absolutely; but this one is one that shows more than just potential. With a larger budget and an elongated script, this could be something even better.


  1. Hey Mark!

    My name is Randall Cropp. I wrote/directed/acted in '5th Kind'. Stumbled upon your review and just wanted to say thank you so much for checking us out and taking the time to pen this. '5th Kind' was our first film ever. A group of buddies and I went out to the woods with a camera and a concept and shot and shot and shot. We're so glad people are getting to see our work and even happier to use it as an opportunity to learn and do better on the next one.

    Again, thank you!


    1. Randall, I love indie stuff and as a writer myself, I appreciate it. I would love to film stuff, but time is limited with my daughters and such. Keep it up, it gives some of us hope.


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