Horrors of Spider Island (1960)

It was such a dreary day outside today. Fortunately, that gave me a chance to kick back and watch so no budget creature features. The first one up is the 1960 entry Horrors of Spider Island (AKA Body in a Web).

Plot/ Survivors of a plane crash on a remote island find spiders cover it. When bitten, the survivors start turning into spiders!

When I decided that I needed a trip into the classic era of low budget cinema tonight, little did I expect to take a trip into the abyss of the no budget misery? This one is bad; maybe the worst flick in either of these creature feature sets. While the cast was intriguing, there was not a lot of depth for them to work with. The movie features terrible editing, a ton of filler, and many of the effects are below low budget. Sure, the spider man make-up is decent for that era, but that in no way is enough to save this one. The unfortunate part is that the movie had potential and would be an interesting flick to see rehashed by the creativity defunct studios in Hollywood. In the end, this one is nowhere near a good movie; unless you are looking for a schlock-filled way to pass some time, stay away.


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