National Poetry Day - Darkest Night

In the distance, the moon comes to life
Waking the souls of forgotten
Midnight calls
I cannot close my eyes
The dread
The fear
Emotions consume the senses
These voices are real, I know they are
They have to be
Everywhere I look, I can hear them
Their heavy breathing, their fervent moans
In the closet, under the bed, in my head
I cannot find them, but I know they are near
They have to be, I am not crazy
Not insane
Yet, the sounds of wickedness plague me
Tormenting everything that is; everything that was
Life, deeds, misdeeds
Their laughter fuels the tension, I must close my eyes
I cannot survive another waking moment
My heartbeats grow louder
Pounding through my chest as I am in their sway
Paralyzed, I lay
My body shrouded by black
Scarlet spots line the walls
The lurid voices grow louder
Pulse quickens
This could be my last breath
Please, let me go...

In the distance, the sun stirs the echoes
Waking my forgotten soul
Reminding me of my destiny
And the pain I must face


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