Witchboard (1986)

Today was a long day. Between one daughter at taking a walk back in time to the colonial era at FestiFall and another one at softball practice, it felt like I never sat down. When I did finally find time to relax, I decided to venture into the 1980s for my next flick, the 1986 classic Witchboard.

Plot/ At a party, a guest brings out an Ouija board, and they attempt to contact a spirit he knows. The spirit does appear, but it becomes apparent to the one who brought the Ouija board that this is an evil spirit that is impersonating his spirit.

This was one of my favorites back in the 1980s and I have seen it many times and it never fails to entertain. Yes, it does feel a touch dated when I watch it today, but that is only a minor flaw in the film. This one is great for the Halloween season and one that adds to the lore of the Ouija Board. The performances are solid, the soundtrack does a great job promoting the mood, the cinematography is outstanding, and the scripting and overall storyline is both entertaining and interesting. Sure, there are a few parts of the film that feels a little underdeveloped and the ending may feel a touch forced, but those areas do nothing to hurt the movie. In the end, this one is well worth watching and is a great example of what horror could be without the crazy gore that was quite popular during the decade. If you have not seen it, check it out on Shudder, you too should enjoy it.


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