Salem - Season One (2014)

Period pieces have always been one of the things that I like to take in when attempting to find something to watch. After spending multiple hours in the colonial period at Friendship Hill, I decided to change some things up today. It has been a while since I have reviewed any type of true television show. But now, after finishing season one of Salem (2014), I figured I would give it a shot once again.

Plot/ Season One follows Mary Sibley, a witch conspiring with other witches to bring forth the Grand Rite, as she brings forth hysteria among the Puritans of Salem. Her former flame, John Alden, returns after years of absence, complicating her wicked plan.

While I did bypass this when it first premiered, after finishing season one, I have to ask myself why. For me, this interesting mixture of historical fact and pure fiction has turned out to be one of the most entertaining series that I have watched in some time and I look forward to starting season two later tonight. For fans of dark and violent shows on television, this one should sit near the top of your list. Between the action scenes, witch tortures, and executions, there is enough blood to go around. Couple that with some gratuitous sexual situations, it is clear that this a show for adults. The characters are interesting, the storyline may not be authentic, but it is intriguing, and the cinematography and effects are outstanding. Yes, there are a ton of historical inaccuracies with both the setting and the characters, the performances are uneven, and the dialog lacks an authentic time period feel, but those did not hurt the overall feel of season one.

For some, this show will not resonate in the same manner as it has with me, and that is understandable. However, the network and writers should be applauded for the way they take on the subject manner without fearing a backlash. Sure, season one was not perfect, but it definitely should have opened some eyes on the hypocritical nature of some religious practices that still take place in the world today. If you have not got into this one, give it a shot; just don’t expect to find a watered-down trip back to Salem.  


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