The Wasp Woman (1959)

After diving into the They Crawl set yesterday, I decided that I needed to find something mindless to help me truly process the end of Twin Peaks: The Return. With that in mind, I dove back into the 12 Creature Features set for the 1959 Roger Corman entry, The Wasp Woman.

Plot/ A cosmetics queen develops a youth formula from jelly taken from queen wasps, failing to anticipate the typical hoary side effects.

No one can draw me into classic no-budget horror/sci-fi than Roger Corman. I know that I grew up a little late to enjoy the classic Saturday afternoon matinee, but I did have a chance to enjoy the afternoon and midnight Horror Hosts and his movies were a staple. This one may be one of his more creative efforts and a flick that is extremely entertaining. Most importantly, it has become a staple on multiple box sets that are readily available. This one has an interesting, yet predictable storyline that actually shows some depth with some small subtle twists. It also features some solid performances, decent pacing, and some suspense. Yes, there are some uneven effects that push the limits and the overall cinematography does suffer from the extremely low budget, but what else would you expect from the era of schlock-filled sci-fi gems. In the end, this one is better than most flicks on this latest box set and a movie that those who enjoy classic sci-fi schlock should enjoy. If you are a Corman fan or a person who just loved the classic creature feature, check it out.


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