Released Today --> After the Static

Finally, finally, I can’t believe it. After years of work, the horrid atrocities brought forth upon our nation by those vile merciless traitors at the United Nations will finally be brought to light. I really can’t believe it. The document I had spent so much time dissecting, organizing and writing has finally been released. 

Yes, yes, this book caused me much pain and loss as I had to endure the torturous screams and voices tormenting me every day. But, I swear, all of that will be worth it if I can enlighten one person about the carnage left in our great city. Please help spread the word about this nightmare by picking up a copy today in either paperback or digital download. 

Here is the synopsis I came up with when working with the cover designer:

Years after a strange infestation swept through Southwestern Pennsylvania and released a wave of cannibalistic fiends across the land, a tormented survivor, Malachi Isaacs, remains haunted by the depravity he witnessed during the ordeal. Overwhelmed inside a never-ending living nightmare filled with visions of bloodstained streets and the constant sounds of the voices and screams of the fallen, he sets out on a quest for discovery aimed at unmasking those responsible for unleashing the vile plague on humanity. Armed with personal memories of love and loss as well as a myriad of first-hand accounts from different victims he found during his research, Malachi tells their stories, and in time, discovers that the truth behind the undead may be worse than he ever could have fathomed.

Grab yours today! 


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