Death Note (2017)

After last nights trip to the theater to see IT, I decided to do some relaxing before the Steelers game today. To accomplish that, I chose the 2017 anime adaption Death Note from Netflix to help pass some time.

Plot/ A high school student named, Light Turner, discovers a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written within its pages and launches a secret crusade to rid the world of criminals.

Having not watched the original anime series, I went into this one somewhat blind on what to expect. I usually take this as a positive, however; in this case, I am not sure. From the outset, the characters felt disconnected to the story and somewhat underdeveloped, the scripting seemed a bit flat and empty, and the special effects and CGI seemed to be underwhelming and at times laughable. The performances were not bad and the cast seemed solid enough, but those elements did nothing to make this memorable in any way. In the end, I should have followed my student's advice and moved past this one when it popped up. They said this was terrible and I would be better off watching the anime series. They were right; this one did nothing for me in any way. Stay away, especially if you are a fan of the series; you will be disappointed.


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