Transhuman (2017)

Last night, I decided to spend my time focused on Twin Peaks: The Return, and I am glad that I did. This past episode was one of the most satisfying of the series and I can’t wait to see the final night. I did watch a couple flicks on Saturday and I have to finish those reviews. The first one is the 2017 low budget flick Transhuman.

Plot/ Transhuman follows a young journalist into the underbelly of a transhumanist cult, spanning generations leading back to the Nazi’s during World War II.

I picked this one up at Family Video on a whim, mostly because the combination of journalism and cults seem to go together nicely. Unfortunately, the synopsis was the best part of the film. Okay, the acting, the production values, and the scenery were not bad either, but those facets are wasted in the film. Unfortunately, the lack of depth within the storyline truly takes its toll, especially for those that do not quite understand the transhumanism movement. In case you don’t know, Transhumanism is an international intellectual movement that wants to alter humanity by using technologies to enhance intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Actually, a pretty deep subject that was lost somewhere among the multiple flashbacks that overwhelm this film. In the end, this one really does nothing to make it likable and it is in no way memorable. Stay away from it at all cost.


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