Sunday, August 26, 2012

Devil Seed (2012)

After suffering through Hell’s Gate, watching the paint dry on a project would be better. With that in mind, I finally sat down and watched the movie I rented on that night, Devil Seed.

Plot/ Alex, a returning college student, is suffering with an unseen entity; one that forces her to inexplicably happen to her, scratches, visions and ultimately rape. While her friends are worried, there is no way to truly understand what is happening to her.

Having this movie follow up the miserable entry Hell’s Gate, it already started on the right foot. Fortunately, this one actually had some things to like. The atmosphere was decent, cinematography and direction on spot, solid storyline and good acting. It even started really well by not going down cliché lane. Unfortunately, they could not stay away from cliché, and in the end, that choice brought the movie down. In the end, this is a pretty good low budget demonic possession-type flick, even with the cliché. I would not break the bank on it, but I would check it out if you had a chance.

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