What the Judges Thought of Our Creations at the Westmoreland County Fair

Today we made our way out to the Westmoreland County Fair to see how our entries did with the judging. After looking around and seeing the competition, I believe all of us did extremely well considering it was out first venture out there.

Upcycled Birdbath

Bedspring Tree

Washboard Birdhouse

Upcycled Projector Lamp 

In all, four of my five entries placed, with one second, two thirds and one fourth place ribbon. Ironically, the item I felt the worst about (the birdbath) finished with the highest place, and the one I liked the most (the wreath) did not place. But, oh well, it is all in the eyes of the judges. Bren did well, placing with a nice variety of items, including her mixed media piece and her lampshades.

Mixed Media

Vintage Upcycled Apron

The daughters all did well, with Markie taking home the bragging rights with one first, a third and a fifth place finish in her entries including the cool dinosaur planter. Jolene and Jillian also did well, although I do not think the judges quite understood Jillian’s recycled item.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media


Upcycled Dinosaur Planter


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