Sunday, February 10, 2013

Did HAARP Help Steer Nemo? The Evidence Says...

Let me start today by saying that I hope that all of my family and friends stuck in the region ravaged by Winter Storm Nemo are doing better and the recovery is moving forward. Being a researcher, I could not help but check on the consistency of my HAARP / Natural Disaster theory.  Again, I noticed some strange variations of HAARP signals and their potential steering effects on storm and ironically the winter storm in California that is hampering the manhunt that is taking place.  I wish the data was different, and that there was no way that something could control these storms and other effects, but events continue to back up my original hypothesis.

HAARP Readings Prior to Storm

While the HAARP readings across the United States are non-existent today, it was a string of events on Wednesday and Thursday that opened my eyes again.  Besides the high readings, I again checked for other strange anomalies, and guess what, they were in place.

Snowfall Amount Projections

First look at Nemo, is it a coincidence that the heaviest damages came to the areas that had the highest HAARP readings? Is the same thing happening with California? These facts and recordings cannot continue to be just coincidence. Sure, to many, that alone would be enough. However, there is more. Wednesday as those signals were rising multiple earthquakes were recorded in Northern Alaska (4.4 scale) and the volcanic activity of the San Cristobal Volcano in Nicaragua increased and quickened. Honestly, can this all be a coincidence? To me, the evidence and connections continue to mount, and we must start demanding answers to what HAARP really is. Think about it, this weapon is more deadly than drones.

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