There is Still Time to Make it to Cabela's Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Seminar

Last night I had the great opportunity to head down to Wheeling, West Virginia to catch up with some of the members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society on the first night of Cabela’s Strange, Rare and UnusualSightings Weekend. This meet and greet followed by a town hall meeting was tremendous. There was a tremendous turnout to talk with the great speakers, including keynote speaker Dr. Jeffry Meldrum, and to talk about sightings of different creatures.  

If you have not made it out there, this event still has one day left and is family friendly. During the free event, you will take an in depth look at strange, Rare and Unusual Animal sightings that take place in the forests and the wild outdoors. Not your typical conference, this three day event will feature researchers and authorities who investigate these claims and reports of strange, rare and unusual animals. Some the animals that will be discussed will be the Eastern Cougar, Bigfoot, Thunderbirds and other mysterious animals. 

If interested, this is the outline for Sunday starting at 10:00 am with Dr. Jeffry Meldrum. The days events features lectures from the guest speakers and the conference room located on the second floor will be open to the public and host the vendor and display tables. Sundays events will conclude at 5:00 pm. 

The tentative guest speaker line up includes:

Pennsylvania UFO/Bigfoot investigator Stan Gordon

Sasquatch Watch of Virginia Director Billy Willard

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Western PA Director David Dragosin 

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Senior Director Eric Altman

Our Special Keynote Speaker from Idaho State University Associate Professor of Anthropology and Primate Anatomy Dr. Jeffry Meldrum.


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