Slender Man Awaits...

One of my students is fascinated by the Slender Man. As we are having a quiet day in lab, I decided to take this time on Friday the 13th to add something to this micro-fiction phenomenon, and in the process allow Mike to finally meet this tortured soul.

As Michael turned the corner, he knew something was not right. The cool June wind cut through his soul, the heavy atmosphere made every breath a challenge. He could feel this unnatural darkness drown his reality.  Something or someone was near; standing tall as a shadow stalking his every step. All of a sudden, winding his way down the overgrown path toward his house felt like a huge mistake.

“Brittany, is that you?” he said as he crept toward the lights that sat off in the distance. “I know it is Friday the 13th, but come on… This is not funny!”

There, in the moonlight, a faint outline rose through the mist. The sounds of silence echoed in his mind as he realized that what stood before him was not Brittany. In fact, it may not be human. He could see the web of tentacles glisten in what was left from the glow of the full moon. His heart raced; he knew what lay ahead.  Michaels’ dreams have been answered by the almighty, as faceless tormentor waits.

At last, he can become one with the Slender Man…


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