Friday, February 19, 2016

Crowley (2009)

With yesterday being my birthday, I decided to take a break from the computer after dinner. Yes, I did watch some more of Ash vs. Evil Dead and some homework, but other than that there was no writing or creative moments. Tonight was different, as I decided to find something a little darker than my recent entries. My selection for the evening was the 2009 entry Crowley (AKA Chemical Wedding).

Plot/ In 1947, noted Neo-Pagan Aleister Crowley dies. In Cambridge, 43 years later, with the help of a computer, Crowley's spirit takes over the body of Haddo, a mild-mannered, stuttering don. Over four days, as Crowley prepares for an occult extravaganza, bodies pile up, Crowley's elect engage in rites of passage, and Lia, a red-headed campus reporter, sniffs out a story that puts her in grave danger. Mathers, a scientist recently arrived from Cal Tech, may hold the key to her destiny.

It is funny, as Crowley (the man and his works) has come up in many conversations over the past week, so it was awesome to sit back and enjoy a movie with him and his works at the core. Yes, this movie will not be for everyone, and I am sure there will be many that are offended by some of the material, but that is to be expected will the subject matter. Personally, I enjoyed it tremendously, especially the mixture of Satanism and sadism sprinkled inside. As a low budget entry, there was a lot to like with an interesting storyline, some intriguing theories, and some decent performances. Yes, there were some confusing moments, the pace started in a slow manner, and some of the scripting was uneven, but again, for a low budget entry, it was not bad. In the end, this may not be for everyone, but if you sometimes enjoy a trip into the dark arts or some surrealistic worlds, give it a shot. You could do much worse.

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