Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Darkness (2016)

October is finally here, my favorite month of the year. Now, hopefully, the cold that has been kicking my butt can be pushed away and I can get on with enjoying the Halloween season. After taking a couple days off to try to recover, it was time to get back to some movies. The next movie on tap is the 2016 supernatural entry, The Darkness.

Plot/ A family returns from a Grand Canyon vacation, haunted by an ancient supernatural entity they unknowingly awakened and engages them in a fight for their survival.

To be honest, I knew nothing about this movie at all when I put it on except that Kevin Bacon was in it (and you never know what you will get when that is the case). After watching it, I felt a touch confused by how I felt about it. On one hand, there was really nothing new or special, but on the other, there was nothing really wrong with it. Yes, it was not a gorefest, but the acting was decent, the storyline was interesting (personally, I loved the Anasazi angle), and much of the cinematography and effects were solid. However, it was predictable, there were many clich├ęd moments, and there was nothing that made it truly memorable. In the end, this may not be a terrible movie, but it is not great either. If you like supernatural horror without too many twists give it a shot, especially if you want to find a way to introduce the genre to a younger generation.

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