Monday, October 10, 2016

The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

I was so turned off by The Levenger Tapes that forced myself to sit through the greatest reality train wreck ever: the second debate. What can I say; a debate between a psychopath and a sociopath (take your pick either candidate fits my diagnosis) gives more credence to the fact I think someone has created a butterfly effect. To help me recover from that, I decided to kick back and watch something mindless; just like the 2015 horror/comedy/slasher The Funhouse Massacre.

Plot/ Six of the world's scariest psychopaths escape from a local Asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror.

After my last review, I definitely needed something mindless, and this movie fit that bill perfectly. To me, there is something about movies that pay homage to the classic VHS B-movie craze of the 1980s that makes me want more. This one has a great mixture of comedic elements and gore, takes place with outstanding pace, and offers some solid performances scattered throughout. Sure, some of the scripting is uneven with jokes that range from bad to worse, there is a lack of originality in the kills (although there is a decent amount of blood), and there are the typical clich├ęd moments that plague a lot of lower budget films. In the end, this one is just a mindless, yet entertaining horror flick that offers an interesting plot. It is definitely fun to watch (especially if you are not hoping for a masterpiece).

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