Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010, Off to a Good Start

As I sit here, I am still a bit amazed that I had one of my short stories, So Sweet, accepted by Revenant Magazine. For me, this year has already seen the publication of a poem about the Jersey Devil in Haunted Times Magazine and now this.

Of the two, the short story is most important, even though I have no idea when it will be published. I LOVE zombies and totally enjoy dressing the family up for the different zombie walks that come up. More importantly, for the better part of three years I have been working on a zombie themed epic poem and the acceptance of this short story provides some great motivation to finish it.

Like everyday, there is a ton of stuff going on in the arena. Bren, The Ring Mistress, is knee deep with VOW, a wedding magazine from Virginia Beach. Me, well I have my hands full with watching horror movies, writing and diving deep within my being to uncover the darker parts of life that spawn creativity.Hopefully, it helps bring our circus to life!

In closing, here is the Devil Endures (From Haunted Times Magazine)

Every night her struggles survive
One fragile heart saddened by an unthinkable specter
Her wish
A faded memory staining the land
Her fears
A nightmare thrust upon the world

An unwanted son
Waiting quietly to pierce the darkness
Surviving to fracture the boundaries of reality
The cloven hooves
The chilling howl
Echoes of time not forgotten

Many search the evergreens calling young Leeds
Sweep into our dreams
Comfort us with your soft whispers
Let our destinies unite
His presence reminds some of perfection
Yet, to others, it is a vision of evil

Every night he struggles with the loneliness
His mind wandering the pathways that will be
Hoping to find the love of a mother lost
Or a life never shared
His torment, in this world we now share
Within the reeds he calls home

Myth or legend
Devil or angel
Forever he will survive
A lone link to days of yore
A dark shadow in the fabric of the whispering pines
Following his golden spiral of life

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