Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Bottle, the Jersey Devil and Poe

It has been a few weeks since Brenda and I decided to move forward with our vision of the Scarlet Circus. During this time, we have been able to develop an initial plan, secure the domain and start creating the material needed to make our dream come true. So, you may be asking, what is the Scarlet Circus? Well, it is exactly that a virtual circus that will explore the dark depths of reality, the unknown and the freaks that make this world so colorful. Inside the circus, you will find research into many different topics, streaming video, audio, non-fiction and fiction writing, poetry, artwork and much much more, all compiled or created by one of us. Visitors to the circus will also be able to pick-up one-of-a-kind items that would make their personal freakshow complete. Unfortunately, Bren has not been able to focus as much as she is knee deep into designing VOW, the Virginia Beach based wedding guide. Hopefully this time next week, our vision will be moving straight ahead.

Last night I sat here staring at a bottle that I collected while on a Jersey Devil Hunt to Leeds Point in November. For those that have never ventured into the area in search of the famed cryptid it is a beutiful area that unfortunately is covered in hundreds if not thousands of bottles. There are medicine bottles, whiskey bottles, even bottle trees. You name the bottle it is probably there. This bottle and the others that I collected called to me, and I had to grab them. Plus, this was providing a service by cleaning up some of the wildlife preserve that has been neglected for a while.

For the last couple months, I had been thinking about how to share these pieces of history with the other researchers and Jersey Devil believers that may possibly want a token to remind them of  what lurks in the Pine Barrons. Until yesteday I had drawn a blank. That was when I saw the beauty of the bottle as frame. A frame displaying something meaningful and thought provoking. That was it, time to experiment. As many know, I am a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, so what better than to adorn tthis prototype than one of Poe's famed poems. In this case, A Dream Within a Dream, taken from a worn antique book that we used to make Poe themed Christmas ornaments for our tree.  While not perfect, the intial result was somewhat what my vision was, but a lot more planning, preparation and time is needed to create something worthy of those who may enter the Scarlet Circus. Here is a picture of the prototype.

Complete Me

The wax has hardened
Your image so pure
May plan nearing the goal
Now, I need your essence
Be it hair, blood
A tear
Something to bring your likeness to life
To me
Long have I dreamt of holding you
Fantasies held impossible
Nightmares that challenged my resolve
Everyday I would stare through the grotto
Piercing silently into your world
Wishing it was I on your shoulder
Instead of that glistening feathered friend
I want to share your laughter
Feel your pain
Penetrate your warmth
The ecstasy
The bliss
Yes, it is time to complete my plan
This string will do
The statue is ready
 ritual at hand
These candles burn to illuminate you
Scorching forbidden pleasures into my soul
Our journey finally in my sphere
Come to me
Complete me

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  1. What a cool idea. I look forward to seeing your progress with your bigger project.