Monday, January 11, 2010

Mutant Fetus's in the Sideshow

One afternoon after our favorite holiday, Halloween, we ventured to the new Super Walmart with our little sideshow freaks and stumbled upon the deals of 2009. Amazingly, all of their costumes were 90 percent off and weren't picked over. Being the strange person that I am, I went to town. In all, we captured seven new costumes to make into props for Halloween 2010 (maybe earlier if time permits).

However, like many things in our collection of curiosities, one specific part of a costume called out to me.  The small mutant twin on the shoulder of the costume screamed like it had a life all of its own, and needed a new resting place other than the dark crate closeted until Halloween. What could I do to give this mutant a proper home? After some thought and dark intervention, a blueprint came to mind. I would create a mutant in a jar to add to our daily collection of unique and unexplained items.

So, I started by carefully removing the fetus from the shoulder of the garment. He wimpered a bit, but definitely semed like he was in a happier place. Next, I gathered some thick stitching material and a large needle, sewing the baby's abdomen tightly, so the chemicals would not  rot his inside. Then it was time to select the proper jar. Hmmm, I could not believe that I didn't have a suitable resting place for the newest member of our family. Fortunately, like always, the Ring Mistress came to the rescue. She found the perfect mason jar at an antique store and gave it to us as a Christmas gift.  That night, I finished giving him a home and today he sits proudly on a shelf in our parlor, observing everything that takes place inside the circus we call home.

Here he is shortly after being placed inside his new home.

After completing his home and finding him a shelf, I felt like we not only saved him, but I saw a new path to enlightenment.
Enlighten Me
My path to darkness is lined by the unknown
Posts leading to balance
To understanding
In the distance, I can see them
Waiting to impale me with deceit
To tempt me with visions of passion
Engulf me with pain and despair
Is it necessary?
Will it enlighten me?

My path to darkness is lined by the unknown
My future clouded in fear
I make my way to their chamber
Seeking the secrets that they harbor
Willing to stand in front of the mass
To face the pain, despair and deceit
Our bodies stand apart
Their warmth penetrates my being
Overwhelming my senses
Enlightening me

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