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The Answer is Easy - Hollow Earth

Lately, one theme has been continually popping up in all of the different areas that I research, the theory of Hollow Earth. When I originally heard this idea, like many, I was skeptical. After all, how could years of scientific study be wrong? Every day, geologists from around the globe study the structural make-up of our planet, a practice that has taken place for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Yet, no accepted evidence pointing to this possibility exists. However, mirroring everything else considered a fringe scientific field that fact means very little.

To me, I view everything with an open mind and am at least willing to consider the possibilities that survive. That is when everything got weird. It seemed that everywhere I looked, everything I read, they all had a reference to Hollow Earth. Even in the pages of Haunted Times Magazine that I build for every issue, I started to see traces of the theory sprinkled throughout different volumes. In past installments, we have covered subjects such as the Lemurians, areas such as Mount Shasta and even the possibility of an underground facility under Monterey Bay. Ironically, all of these subjects were unrelated at the time, but the some of all parts raise an interesting question.

Not surprisingly, this theory has been debated and researched for generations. Looking to history, there are even accounts scribed into clay tablets from the dawn of man referencing different creatures that take refuge inside the Earth. Through the years, scholars such as Plate, Edmond Halley and Leonard Euler all made suggestions on the possibility that the Earth could indeed be hollow. Unfortunately, these ideas (like many others) fell onto deaf ears.

For the longest time, great works of science fiction by acclaimed authors Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs only popularized the theory. Even my favorite author of all time, Edgar Allen Poe, ventured into this realm in his tale The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. Amazingly, I had never drawn that conclusion until I discovered it paying homage to Poe on the bicentennial of his birth. At that point, I started to pay more attention to my surroundings and realized how often this subject comes up, and it comes up quite a bit.

Even here in New Jersey, I have discovered two links to the state that have both, in some ways, discussed Hollow Earth Theory. Unfortunately, they have both passed on and cannot pass anymore of their secrets. These men, Admiral Richard Byrd (whose secret diary supposedly contains detailed information) and Cryptozoologist and USO researcher Ivan Sanderson all ventured into strange lands and came up with many theories on the possibilities that exist. Could this be true, could the Earth be hollow? As mentioned above, practical thinking says no. However, a closer look at some of the possibilities raises some interesting questions.

To start, let us explore the strange coincidence of increased Bigfoot sightings in locations of UFO sighting. Some researchers have documented that there is an increase of activity between these seemingly unrelated phenomena during times of high sightings or flaps, like the 1973 Pennsylvania Bigfoot/UFO Sighting Flap (documented by researcher Stan Gordon). When you combine this idea with a location such as Mount Shasta, the connection is clear. Mount Shasta in a fascinating location. This snow-capped peak could be the Mecca of potential Hollow Earth active, there are Bigfoot sightings, UFO sightings and even legends of strange young men with piercing blue eyes venturing out of the wilderness.

For some, this is just lore to draw tourists, to the locals; this is life near the famed mountain. This thought is not unusual in the Hollow Earth arena. Even Admiral Byrd claimed to have witnessed brown, giant, and hairy creatures residing in the upper area of Hollow Earth. In fact, as his grandson has pointed out, he saw many different creatures and vast technologies that we could only dream of. With a civilization full of knowledge and strange beings all around, there is no ceiling onto what could exist.

It is that thought, which reportedly drew Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in search of the opening to Hollow Earth, an idea that may be surprising to some people. However, it is also easily believable when looking at the different locations that the party ventured to during his reign. Two such locations, Antarctica and Brazil, are rumored to contain entranceways into this realm. In fact, like Mount Shasta, the Brazilian Mountains are known for UFO and strange sightings. Coincidence, possibly, but I do not believe in coincidence. Other famed locations that are rumored to hide entranceways are in Mammoth Cave (Kentucky) and The Himalaya Mountains (Tibet), both locations that seem to have some type of strange activity that exists within there confines.

In looking at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, it raised an intriguing thought. Could the Dogman of Kentucky be a similar creature to Bigfoot that exists in Hollow Earth? To me, the possibilities are endless. With so much land being virtually unexplored, how many entrances could exist? Even here in New Jersey, the famed Pine Barrens sit here uninhabited by humans (but, we do have the Jersey Devil). Could the different creatures that Cryptozoologists search for be hiding inside the Earths crust, could the UFOs or USOs be doing the same?

The thought of those questions reminded me of a story I heard of the closing of the famed Montauk Complex in New York. Legend states that the government was testing a long-range mind control weapon utilizing a high-powered antenna and a psychic in their underground facility, when something went terribly wrong. Evidently, the psychic projected a creature into the minds of the workers and hysteria commenced and many ended up dead. The next day the facility was closed forever and the underground lair was cemented in. Not long ago, a researcher on the Montauk facility actually, discovered spent shell casings that traced to that timeframe (mid 1980s) just before he was run-off by a security detachment on a state park. At first glance, that was just something that happened, but the casing proved that something was there and something was set free. With the facility being underground, and some of the black projects challenging the grounds of physics and reason, maybe the government made contact and were working with the creatures of Hollow Earth.

While that might seem like a stretch, understand that Captain John Cleves Symmes, a war hero of the War of 1812 believed in Hollow Earth and convinced millionaire James McBride of the possibility. McBride, and friend (future Vice President) Richard Johnson, together petitioned Congress for funding to explore the region, a little known fact that brings the potential cover-up of Hollow Earth into perspective.

While there is, so much information on the subject circulating the globe, documenting all of the possibilities may take forever. However, if you listen closely when people start talking about strange happenings, you may too find a connection to the Hollow Earth Theory, and maybe another hint at the power that lies beneath the depths of the planet.

Article first appeared in Haunted Times Magazine – Summer 2009 Issue

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