Friday, January 22, 2010

Please don't let someone remake this film

As a boy growing up in South Western Pennsylvania, it was easy to develop an interest in the unexplained. Everywhere you looked, it seemed like something strange as being seen or experienced. Since that time, I have had an interest in Bigfoot and the other creatures that wander our countryside. One of my first experiences was when my parents took me to the drive-in to see The Legend of Boggy Creek .That really may be the only movie that actually scared me. The visuals took me to my home, a small wooden farmhouse in a valley on a desolate highway between Uniontown and Masontown. Even worse, the dreaded woods surrounded our house making it easy access for any creatures that wanted to straggle in.
Looking at the movie today, it is a stretch to call the film a work of art or cinematic masterpiece. In fact, it has many flaws in the script, in the effects and in the filming. Yet, when you consider that the 1972 movie was made for roughly $100,000, it can be considered a work of genius for that day in age. Many of the shaky, grainy hand cam movies (Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity) should thank them for conditioning society to viewing that type of film. Besides the camera work, the documentary-like script, mixing staged interviews with some local residents who claim to have encountered the creature, along with fictitious reenactments of said encounters made it feel like the monster did live and survive in the swamps, waiting to terrorize its next victim.

I know now, some 30-plus years later, that a man in a cheesy monster costume portrayed the creature in the movie, but at that time, it scared the crap out of me. Ironically, like many other groundbreaking films of a genre, The Legend of Boggy Creek started a run on similar creature features (The Legend of Bigfoot or Snowbeast for example) and docudramas, but this one is the classic!

There was something about the movie that just craws under your skin, creeping in and staying there. That is one of the reasons that the rumored remake was taken so hard by rabid fans, this movie should never be remade, flaws and all, LEAVE IT ALONE! Fortunately, as it turns out, the remake may share a name, but, it will be a very different endeavor, possible more gruesome and a draw for hardcore horror fans.

One thing is certain though, the new movie definitely will fail to capture the cult following of the original. Many people like me pay more attention when they are in the wild because of that film. I know, when I am in the woods searching for the Jersey Devil, thoughts of the Fouke Monster always run through my mind, and I look, hoping to survive the afternoon, praying that I am not the next meal!

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