Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mama Dracula (1980)

I decided to get back into the Mill Creek Drive-In Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack, I purchased a while ago. Hell, being limited to my recliner may help me actually get through a majority of it. My first movie selection for the day is the 1980 vampire flick, Mama Dracula.

Plot/ A female vampire must bathe in the blood of virgins in order to stay alive. The trouble is that virgins are in short supply nowadays, and she is running into major problems in finding one.

This was definitely a strange film. Unfortunately, strange may be the only positive thing about it. This is an early 1980s vampire comedy that lacks too much comedic attributes. The plot is very disjointed and definitely moves in very odd directions. The acting, soundtrack and pretty much the rest of the film (including the boobs) are just adequate. I would not recommend this film to anyone (unless you are like me and are finishing a Mill Creek Box Set), I am sure you can find a better selection out there.

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