Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Murder Mansion (1972)

I decided to finish disk 5 of the Mill Creek Drive-In Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack. After suffering through Mama Dracula, it was time to watch Murder Mansion.

Plot/ A couple, lost in thick fog, take refuge in an old mansion next to a cemetery when strange things start to happen.

This was actually quite refreshing after the last dud. This flick is a nice, atmospheric chiller that featured many mystery / thriller / giallo elements. Sure, the plot was rather cliché and the budget low, but the acting, cinematography and stylistic use of colors and fog did a masterful job at making up for the basic plot. Yes, it is not ground breaking horror, but it is a good gothic tale that has a place on a dark stormy night. Especially if an uncut / unedited version were in place.

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