Friday, April 1, 2011

Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998)

After a few days I decided to venture back into the world of the Tall Man and watch 1998s Phantasm IV: Oblivion. (Note to self: While I have not done it yet, at some point soon I will revisit the original masterpiece and do up a review.)

Plot/ Taking off immediately where the last one ended, in this episode Mike travels across dimensions and time fleeing from the Tall Man, at the same time he tries to find the origins of his enemy, and what really happened the night that his brother died. Meanwhile, Reggie (accompanied by a beauty he picked up on the road) battles the spheres and the undead in a quest to find Mike before the Tall Man can complete his transformation.

I Know it may be hard to fathom, but honestly, this may be the best and most interesting installment of the Phantasm series since the original and it is definitely the most atmospheric. Yes, there is a lack of gore and even action, bit this series and film are definitely on another plain, focusing on surreal aspects that tugs on emotions. Again, the acting, story and cinematography are very good, with especially great usage of flashbacks throughout. Sure, it opens more questions about the Tall Man and his world and yes, the ending leaves a bit to be desired, but those also can be considered benefits. To me, this series has been more cerebral and entertaining because the focus was on the characters and storyline vice action and gore, and this truly carries on that tradition. While not for everyone, it is truly a work of art and one of the best sequels in any series.

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  1. I enjoyed this one a lot. Now I just hope they get the 5th one made so all my questions can be answered.