Sunday, April 24, 2011

Torture Garden (1967)

Sitting here in my recliner, it will be nice to start watching some more horror flicks. Luckily, I have had some time now to catch-up on some of the flicks that I enjoyed here lately. Next up for review, the 1967 Amicus entry Torture Garden.

Plot/ A special sideshow torture exhibit has the power, according to the showman Dr. Diablo, to warn people of evil in their futures. The skeptical customers are shown the greed and violence they're hiding.

This Amicus entry is an interesting anthology, and actually decently entertaining. Based on the works of horror icon Robert Bloch, the stories vary from dark to humorous, with a very sound atmosphere throughout, the cast is solid and all have some very good performances (especially Jack Palance and Peter Cushing in The Man Who Collected Poe) and it carries a decent feel throughout. In the end, this is no masterpiece, Hell, it may not be the best Amicus Anthology, but it has enough moments and twists to keep it interesting (not to mention the eerie carnival music). While far from perfect, it is a must see for horror fans.

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