Friday, April 15, 2011

Trauma (1993)

With Brenda and the girls travelling for the weekend, I had time to sit down and enjoy some of the flicks I have not been able to watch lately. The first one was Horror Master Dario Argento’s 1993 entry Trauma.

Plot/ A young man tries to help a teenage European girl whom escaped from a clinic hospital after witnessing the murder of her parents by a serial killer and they try to find the killer before the killer finds them.

This is definitely one of Argento's less appealing flicks. However, it is one of the better horror films of the 1990s. Yes, it is far from perfect, with a possibly too Americanized feel and some poor acting. However, it does still come across as a stylish and atmospheric giallo complete with interesting camera work and some chic but gory bloodshed created by FX master Tom Savini. In the end, this may not be one of Argento’s best, but it is still above average when you look at the 90s as a whole and worth watching at least once.

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