Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zombie Women of Satan (2009)

Now that the medications have seemed to wear off (except for the painkillers), I can get back to reviewing some of the movies that I have been watching in preparation for surgery. My first review since (plus maybe some scar pictures…LOL) is the 2009 horror /comedy Zombie Women of Satan.

Plot/ When a group of nightclub performers arrive on a remote farm for a cable TV interview, they soon discover the dark secret of the sinister family who live there - they have been kidnapping and torturing gorgeous young women as part of a perverted cult. However, the family's experiments have now gone wrong, and the stocking-clad women have now become ravenous zombies! Now trapped, our ragtag group of visitors must unite in a desperate bid to stay alive...

For once, the title was indeed a sign of how bad a flick can be. Honestly, this movie is BAD, really BAD. In fact, horrible may be more like it. I understand low-budget, “B” Movies, but this is ridiculous. The plot, script and production values are terrible, with some home movies being better examples of filmmaking. The acting, gore and really everything else in this failed horror/comedy is just pathetic and inept. This is unfortunate, I was honestly hoping for better and was interested in the title, but there is no redeeming value with this one… Stay Away!

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