Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drive-In Horrorshow (2009)

Finally, I have cable and will be able to enjoy a variety of stuff. Not last night though. Last night is was in DVD city with the 2009 entry Drive-In Horrorshow.

Plot/ This anthology of terror features five shorts; Pig, Fall Apart, The Watcher, The Meat Man and The Closet, which should quench your thirst for Horror.

I was not expecting much when I put this collection of five tales of terror on last night, but what I found in this was more than I could have imagined. This flick reminded me of the campy and fun low-budget horror flicks that graced our drive-in screens while I was growing up. Yes, it has some flaws with uneven acting, some poor dialogue and special effects that were all over the board from awesome to putrid. But, it was fun and entertaining, exactly what it looked like the cast and crew were shooting for when they were making it. Yes, it is far from great cinema, but there is enough blood and gore coupled with some laughs and social commentary to make it worth watching. If you like cheese, check it out! If not, what the Hell, check it out as well.

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