Sunday, September 25, 2011

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Well I actually accomplished quite a bit today and I am well on my way to meeting my schedule to get this place finished and everything moved to Uniontown. With that in mind, I decided to venture into the 1970s for an entertaining romp with Sci-Fi / Horror / Exploitation with the classic boobfest Invasion of the Bee Girls.

Plot/ In the small town in California, many men are dying from excessive effort during sex. When a scientist from the Brandt research laboratory is found dead in a motel, the government sends an agent to investigate the mysterious deaths.

Let me start by saying 99 percent of this movie is absolutely terrible. The cinematography is dark and horrible, the direction poor, the acting all over the place, and the script and dialogue are even worse. However, this movie does boast some hilarious moments (come on a naked chick on a motorcycle is classic) and there are more than enough beautiful naked women running around to at least offset the flaws for one viewing. Sure this 1970s combination Sci-Fi / Horror exploitation is not for everyone, but if you like cheesy and trashy movies with a lot of nudity, this one is definitely for you (at least once)!