Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hack! (2007)

While I was finishing upstairs today, I stumbled onto the DVD Gritty Horror Tales. The first one on the list was the 2007 entry Hack!

Plot/ Wanting to raise their grades, a handful of college kids are randomly selected for a field trip to study wildlife, but don't get the chance as cliché horror film-style murders occur.

Wow, talk about cliché! This movie took that to the extreme. Funny, but I actually like the storyline (although it is flawed and full of holes). Unfortunately, while there is a lot of potential in this film, it does not come close to achieving that potential. The plot moved in strange and incoherent ways that really never gelled. The acting was uneven, there was really no characterization and the scripting and dialogue left a lot to be desired (which detracted from the decent cast and acting). As a spoof, there are some elements that do work, there is gore and some of it is so bad it is funny, but other than that there really is not much to add. In the end, this could have been much better and in this state it is only worth watching if you truly have no other alternatives.

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