Monday, September 5, 2011

Meridian (1990)

Settling into the new house this weekend has not allowed for watching some good television (any television for that matter). But, not to fret, it allowed me to catch up with the flicks that I watched before I left Jersey. The next one that I need to talk about is Meridian from Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment.

Plot/ Two American students go to Italy after graduating from art school, one to work in restoration of paintings, the other because she's inherited her father's castle. When the restorer visits her friend at the castle, they invite the players of a traveling sideshow to dinner, and are slipped drugs, leading to an orgy of abandon. The woman who owns the castle keeps having visions of a young woman who has been stabbed in the castle. After talking to her nanny, she finds that the "vision" woman is her father's sister, who was murdered brutally as the consequence of a 15th Century curse put on her family, and that she is the next in line, and the troupe they have entertained is a part of the curse.

I will be honest, I watched this simply because it featured Sherilyn Fenn (and she did not disappoint). This simple adaptation (albeit more adult) of Beauty and the Beast is an interesting flick. Yes, there really is nothing special here, it has slow pacing, the effects are OK, the acting is alright and honestly there is not much excitement, horror or gore. Really, there is not much other that Sherilyn Fenn to capture the imagination. Unless you absolutely LOVE her, stay away.

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