Monday, September 19, 2011

Spare Parts (aka Fleisch -1979)

After taking some time enjoying some great backwoods bloodbaths, I decided to take a break and enjoy some more of the Drive-In Classics box set, next up the 1979 German cult classic Spare Parts (AKA Fleisch).

Plot/ A new married couple spent their honeymoon in the southwestern of the United States. Suddenly, the unbelievable happens: the husband is kidnapped and assaulted by paramedics in an ambulance. The wife escaped at the last minute, it is taken up by a truck driver. Together they embark on the search for the kidnapped husband; they encounter a dangerous and perfectly organized syndicate that supplies the world's wealthy customers in organs of young, healthy people

This Drive-In Classics box set has been so hit or miss when it comes to the movies contained in it. This flick seems to fall into the hit category (not great but decent).  This German made-for-television medical harvesting thriller is actually pretty good with an atmosphere that kept me on edge throughout. The acting was solid, the story intriguing, the script average, the cinematography sound and a score that helped maintain the score. Yes, there are some dubbing issues and the sound quality varies, and the plot seems to have gaping holes from time-to-time, but it all works and everything ties together in the end.  Although a bit cliché, with an overall idea that has been copied many times, this flick is interesting and definitely worth watching if you get a chance.

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