Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)

With the New Jersey Undead Festival kicking off tomorrow night (I will be manning the ticket booth in the evening), I decided to get into mood by checking out some great zombies of a different kind. My selection is the campy 1960 Sci-Fi entry The Amazing Transparent Man from the Pure Terror Collection.  

Plot/ A crazed scientist invents an invisibility formula. He plans to use the formula to create an army of invisible zombies.

Ahhh, there is truly nothing like classic Saturday matinee Sci-Fi and Horror. Really, this was an era all its own, an era when movies were the focal part of entertainment regardless of the budget (and sometimes quality). This one falls directly into that category. Sure, you have to watch it with zero expectations and an open mind, but it remains an entertaining journey into the weird. Running close to an hour, the storyline has everything you could imagine and more, and it is all laughable. Actually, most of the film is laughable. The sets are beyond bad, the acting fluctuates from poor to way However, all those flaws scream classic low-budget camp and add up to some good entertainment for a Saturday Night Horror Host crowd. Not for everyone, but I totally recommend it to low-budget Sci-Fi fans.

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