Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giallo (2009)

As we move into October 4, I was able to sit back and watch a modern tale from horror icon Dario Argento.  With only 27 days left until Halloween the countdown continues with 2009s Giallo.

Plot/ In Italy, a woman fears her sister may have been kidnapped. Inspector Enzo Avolfi fears its worse. They team up to rescue her from a sadistic killer known only as Yellow.

This Argento entry (OK semi-Argento, as the maestro disowned the film because of creative differences) is pretty much a basic thriller featuring only a touch of his stylizations. Sure, the acting is solid and there are some decent moments with some decently suspenseful atmosphere, but that is truly the only thing this flick has to offer.  For me, the pacing seemed a bit off throughout and that truly took away from the overall feel of the movie. In the end, this one had a lot of potential, but for whatever reason that never came to fruition. I was lucky enough to see it for free on Demand, and that is the only way I would recommend it.

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