Sunday, October 16, 2011

Room 33 (2009)

After watching the Steelers sneak out a win, I decided to jump back into the Midnight Horror Collection as I prepare for the Walking Dead to come back on. My selection fom the Bloody Slashers Edition is the 2009 entry Room 33.

Plot/ A group of friends on a road trip seek shelter at a mental institution in the woods, only to discover that the building is the home of a mysterious young girl named Roxy whose unsettling presence serves as a foreshadow of doom. Later, as the group attempt to unravel the mystery of Roxy, who seems to have endured years of abuse, a mysterious killer begins to hunt them from the darkness.

There is really nothing special here with the flick from the collection. It is just your run of the mill horror / mystery / thriller with a bunch of half dressed roller derby girls investigating a strange asylum. The acting, for the most part was average, with no true standout performances. In a way, it was a lot like the film as a whole, very even keeled. The downfall was the overall lack of atmosphere, tension, and gore. There were plenty of chances for the flick to add to the solid foundation, but it never materialized in any way. It was almost if the writer/director was torn at what type of movie was being made. In the end, there is absolutely nothing that makes this movie standout or be memorable, it is just extremely average. It is far from terrible, but it is not worth searching for when looking for something to watch either.

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