Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Horror Story - Episode 1 - Pilot

I love October (25 days left until Halloween). In October, networks always introduce programming geared toward horror fans like me. However, it is not often that I actually look forward to a television show (other than Castle), but I had been intrigued by the promo's for American Horror Story. There was definitely something interesting in the idea and concept. Luckily, last night I was able to catch the pilot episode (and not miss it like usually happens).

Plot/ The Harmon family's life is on the rocks, so what do they do? They move across country to Los Angeles, move into a decaying old Victorian home, and watch the troubles melt away. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is something strange about the house, which has a life and weirdness all its own.

This was an interesting pilot episode, even before combining sexual overtones, scares, and general creepiness. Sure, some of the storyline was confusing and created more questions than answers, but that was to be expected when dealing with enough weirdness to draw horror fans in. The overall look of the show was extremely stylish, with some great colors and detailed cinematography that created a tremendous atmosphere. In the end, this series will not be for everyone. However, for me (and I am sure many), this looks like a strange and winding journey through some dark and surreal corridors, and a journey that I look forward to experiencing every week.

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  1. When I was done watching next weeks preview I was so confused ha ha. Can't wait to see what happens next.