Monday, October 3, 2011

Butchered (2010)

I wanted to start the month off right by finishing the Backwoods Butchers Collection. The last flick in the set is the 2010 entry Butchered.

Plot/ A group of teens decide to spend the weekend on a local island to say their final goodbyes before heading off to college. Little do they know, a convicted serial killer escapes from the authorities while on death row at a maximum security prison

This flick is perplexing to me. It definitely features a tremendous back-story that makes it interesting from a certain perspective. Unfortunately, besides that, there is nothing to make it stand out. It is full of cliché. Subpar acting, terrible dialogue and is really too short (that may be a positive actually). Sure, there are a couple of decent shots of gore and there is some nudity, but other than that, it is really lacking. Yes, it was low budget, but it could have been so much better. Stay away!

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