Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Exorcist Chronicles (2013)

Every once in a while I am drawn to flicks for some unknown reason. It could be the premise or it could be the look, honestly, at times, I just enjoy some randomness. Today was a prime example of that. While I spent a good bit of time reflecting on Lovecraft and was in that type of mood, I decided to watch something in a very different vein. My selection for the evening is the 2013 British flick, Exorcist Chronicles.

Plot/ Across the world, demonic possessions are on the increase. Two specialists are brought in and uncover a dark and terrifying worldwide plot.

OK, I was due for a bad one, and I definitely found it here. While this flick sounded like a great premise and looked like it would have potential (and it did), the overall product in this found footage entry fell short. Yes, this was definitely a low budget attempt, and I kept that in mind throughout, but some of it was just discordant. As with most low budget flicks, it suffers from uneven acting, poor dialogue, terrible sound quality and incoherent editing. Sure, those flaws are expected, but when these are found in a found footage setting, it comes across as very laughable. Now, this movie is not all bad, and did have some redeeming qualities, such as an ample amount of nudity and boob action, but honestly, that could only raise it up a small notch. In the end, I was somewhat entertained and I have seen worse, but I really cannot recommend this to anyone that is searching for a good movie. If you like no-budget indie flicks, you may enjoy it as I did, but be warned.

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