Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Something Lovecraftian from my book Walking Before Dawn- The Man By The Sea


He stands before the depths
Staring at the crossroads ahead
Deciding what bed to lay
To his right, the teeth of leviathan
Glistening in the murky underbelly of existence
To his left, only dismay and destruction
The great chasm lies ahead
Decisions at hand

His path is his path
He must face reality
Yes or no
North or south
Left or right
Good or evil
Around any corner could be salvation
Waiting to be captured

His heart pounds
Pulling toward the despair
But, his head
His eyes
Feel one with leviathan’s lair

Should he venture into the unknown?
Does he have a choice?
Standing on deck
Searching for the clarity
The answers
An empty soul being taken against his will
The sun sets
Tears fall
Is his last breath near?

The unquiet battle rages on
Turmoil grows
The voices cry out
Screams and laughter haunt his mind
His lifeless shell stands alone
The sea?
He steps toward the destruction and dismay
His last whisper
Goodbye my friend
Leviathan mourns

From Walking Before Dawn

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