Friday, August 30, 2013

Ghoul (2012)

Tonight three of the daughters had their acting final performances and the fourth started the high school band season with a trumpet solo in Jesus Christ Superstar during halftime; truly an awesome night. Now that I am home, I decided to watch something somewhat tame, as it was early. My choice for the evening is the 2012 thriller Ghoul.

Plot/ Centers on a group of friends who risk their lives to stop who, or what, is behind a rash of disappearances in their town.

This made for TV adaptation of the Brian Keene story does not do it justice. Not a typical horror movie by any sense, this is a deep, complex drama that tackles a much more pervasive problem in society, child abuse. As a parent, it pains me to watch the news and hear some of the stories about abuse, there is no place for that in society. This movie is interesting, with decent acting, some solid cinematic effects, and a tremendous storyline. Honestly, it would have been an awesome film to see have a bigger budget. Of course, not all the decisions were perfect, as some of the dialogue was flat, there were predictable moments and there were some missed opportunities. In the end, this was an entertaining flick and one that provides some deep social commentary. Is it for everyone? No, its not, but it is a solid flick and one that will make you think about whom the real ghouls are.

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