Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Thing (2011)

I have been on an alien / UFO kick this weekend and for the most part kept it to documentaries. Between Ancient Aliens, UFO Files and some interesting biblical stuff that connects the topic, I have burnt up Direct TV on the subject. That was until earlier tonight when the 2011 prequel of The Thing was on…

Plot/ Deep below the Arctic ice, scientists discover an alien spacecraft and the remains of the occupant. The scientists cut it out of the ice and take it back to their camp. Unfortunately, as the ice melts, the creature reanimates and the terror begins.

I have stayed clear of this flick for some time, as I was a huge fan of the first remake from John Carpenter. But, having been in an alien type mood, I decided to venture into this prequel. Now I understand why. On its own merits there are some interesting facets to this flick that make it entertaining, unfortunately, in comparison to the earlier masterpiece it is overshadowed. The creature design is awesome, I just wish they would have stayed away from so much of the CGI, Yes, they are interesting, but still CGI dampens some of it. The acting is solid, storyline interesting, and atmosphere is ok; as I said entertaining in its own right. The problem is that much of the premise is shared from the Carpenter classic and there is nothing new in this flick to make it very memorable on its own. Yes, this one is entertaining and has some moments of tension, Is it perfect, no, but it is interesting to watch, especially if you know little of the Carpenter flick from 1982. 

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