Monday, August 5, 2013

Legend Has It (2009)

For every no budget indie flicks that works, there are some that are questionable. That is definitely the case with my latest selection, the 2009 horror entry Legend Has It.

Plot/ When a group of young filmmakers set out to create a documentary about the brutally horrific "Hutchins Murders," they discover why some legends are better left alone!

I am all for no-budget independent horror flicks and am open for the inherent flaws that come with that genre. However, there are times where some of flaws become too overwhelming. This is one of those flicks that has potential, but some of it, while low budget could have simply been much better. In all, there were some positives. The story and some of the effects work. However, the uneven acting, the make-up and the weapons used by the killer is just way too over the top. In the end, there are many other flicks that make more sense than this one. Unless you love no-budget indie flicks, stay away. 

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