Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cassadaga (2011)

After finishing up my homework for the week, I decided to check out something different for the week. With a backlog of flicks to review from my alone time, I have not searched anything out. My selection for this Saturday night is the 2011 indie horror flick Cassadaga. 

Plot/ A deaf woman who resurrects the ghost of a murdered young woman is forced by the spirit to a serial killer who turns his female victims into marionette dolls. 

This supernatural thriller was a surprise and a lot different than I expected when I grabbed it at Family Video. As an indie flick, it does boast an interesting premise, solid acting, and some decent effects. Sure, there are some pacing issues, there are clich├ęd movements, and toward the end, the killer became predictable, but that does not truly bring it down in any major way. Overall, while it did somewhat fall short of reaching its potential because it never married all of the subplots, it is much better than many of the independent movies in the same genre. In the end, this one was better than I expected and a flick that is well worth watching. While nothing in it is groundbreaking, this is a quality production that is rather entertaining.

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