Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Darklight (2004)

As I continue to make it through the films I watched when Bren and the girls were gone, I love when I  find something i did not realize when I watched a flick. That was the case with my next selection, the 2004 low budget entry Darklight.

Plot/ The immortal Lilith, long hunted by a secret society known as Faith, is being recruited to save humanity. Now using her mystical power, known as Darklight, she must slay a deadly demon and come to terms with her own dark past 

While I had no idea this was a SyFy Channel original i pulled it up, but soon figured it out with many of the typical attributes obit their films. Although, this one definitely had more of a layered storyline, almost more suited as a pilot then a standalone movie. In many ways this one had a lot more to offer than the typical ilk from the network wet yt with an original idea, some decent characterization, and some gopod performances from a rather unknown cast. Sure there were some slow moments with a lot of back story, some of it is uninspired, and the effects and CGI is more than laughable. In the end, this one is not terrible, but it is not great either. Had the first half of the movie matched the second half, they may have had a winner. Instead, the came away with  another low budget creature feature, albeit one with an interesting storyline.

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