Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Wicked (2013)

The weekend is finally here and I can relax. This holiday schedule at the institute has been a struggle with little to no continuity over the past three weeks.Couple that with the start of my Psychology of Play class and I need a small break. I also need to push forward with the movies from when Bren and the girls were gone. Next u up, the 2013entry The Wicked. 

Plot/ A Group of teenagers test the legend of an immortal witch and get more than they bargained for. 

When I saw this one I kind of expected a cliche file movie and that is exactly what I found. This folklore based story does have potential and featured an interesting story that could heaved been something decent with better execution. The acting is solid and what effects are used come off really well. Unfortunately, there is no atmosphere built inside this storyline and while the premise is interesting the script has a ton of plot holes and no characterization to speak of. In the end, this is another movie that falls short of its potential and becomes just another B-Grade horror flick that is in no way memorable. There are better options available, watch only if you have no other choice.

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