Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Satanic (2006)

After revisiting Lizzy Borden, I decided to venture back into the flicks that sit in my review backlog. Honestly, I had very few options.  Being in the middle of a deep freeze, it is hard to watch something I arm interested in with the girls constantly awake since school has been closed or delayed because of the sub-zero temps. In catching up, I decided to go back to the 2006 indie entry Satanic. 

Plot/ The powers of darkness converge to claim the soul of a young girl who may have made a deal with the devil. After a devastating car accident claims the life of her father, Michelle wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of the events leading up to the traumatic tragedy. 

Low budget horror can go many different ways, and often it leaves you scratching your head wondering what you just watched. That is definitely the case with this one, as there are very few redeeming qualities to even mention. Yes, there is nudity and some interesting cinematography moments, but that in no way can save this one from the weight of the incoherent and hole-filled script. The CGI is bad, the characterization worse, and the acting is extremely uneven. In the end, there are much better low budget flicks out there, you can definitely pass on this one.

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