Friday, January 3, 2014

Jack's Back (1988)

It was still nice to see the wife and daughters when I woke this morning. Unfortunately, I had to go to work at the institute and could not stay home and hang out. At least we got to do some stuff in the winter wonderland that is outside tonight. When we got home, it was time to catch up on the blog with my next review, that selection, the 1988 thriller Jack's Back.

Plot/ A serial killer in Los Angeles is recreating the historic murder's of Jack the Ripper on 100th anniversary of the killings.

As a researcher, I have always been interested in the case of Jack the Ripper and love it when I find movies with that sitting at its core. That, of course, was my big draw to this one. While not the best in its genre, it does take on the story of old Jack in a very different manner. The storyline is interesting, the acting solid, and the cinematography does a great job at creating some atmosphere while presenting some thought provoking questions. Yes, there are some cliche moments, the pacing is off, and the ending is somewhat predictable, but that does little to bring it down. In the end, this was a solid entry that takes a refreshing  approach to the genius of Jack the Ripper. If you are interested  that subject, give this one a shot. While it is not a perfect thriller, it is a worth a watch.

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