Friday, January 31, 2014

Pretty Dead (2013)

Having not watched any new movies in a while, the weekend usually allows me a chance to stay up and watch something. Sure, my selections are not always perfect, and lately, they have sucked, I still look forward to what I pick. This first selection is the 2013 flashback driven entry Pretty Dead.

Plot/ After killing and cannibalizing several men and being found unfit for trial, Regina Stevens desperately tried to convince her psychiatric caregivers that she wasn't mentally ill, but was in fact slowly becoming a real life zombie. 

While this movie looked interesting on the shelf at Family Video, it definitely did not live up to the appearance. Yes, the story is interesting and some of the performances are not bad, it cannot overtake the slow pacing and lack of excitement. The sound quality is all over, the script is uneven and there is really nothing that makes it stand out (not to mention the laughable ending). In the end, this movie is really to get worked up about and should only be assn option if you have absolutely nothing else to watch. Stay away. 

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