Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thirst (2015)

Now that I am settled in after spending the day with the family, it is nice to kick back and relax. It is also a perfect time to catch up with the blog. The next movie here set for review is the 2015 flick Thirst.

Plot/ When a group of wayward teens arrive at a desert boot camp, with no communication, and nowhere to run to, they realize their only chance for survival is to fight for their lives.

There are times when I need some mindless horror or sci-fi action and that is exactly what this movie gave me. Yes, this one is flawed and will never be on the red carpet at a major awards show, but it is far from terrible. The storyline was interesting, the film had the right pace, and the casting and effects were on par with the budget. Sure, the characterizations and scripting felt somewhat flat and did not allow the characters to be memorable, there were a ton of clich├ęd moments, and it was rather predictable. In the end, this movie is what it is, a nice mindless journey with some horror/sci-fi action. If you are looking for a movie to help pass some down time, give this one a shot, you could do much worse.  

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